Sale and Purchase Agreement Template (Schedule H)

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Schedule H is a standard template of a sale and purchase agreement for strata residential provided under HOUSING DEVELOPMENT (CONTROL AND LICENSING) REGULATIONS 1989.

Table of Contents

  1. Interpretation
  2. Parcel free from agricultural, industrial and building restrictions
  3. Parcel free from encumbrances before the Purchaser takes vacant possession of the said Parcel
  4. Purchase price
  5. Manner of payment of purchase price
  6. Financial facility
  7. Financial facility from Federal or State Government or statutory authority
  8. Purchaser's rights to initiate and maintain action
  9. Time essence of contract
  10. Late payment charges
  11. Default by Purchaser and determination of Agreement
  12. Separate strata title and transfer of title
  13. Position and area of Parcel
  14. Materials and workmanship to conform to description
  15. Restriction against variation by Purchaser
  16. Restriction against change to colour code
  17. Infrastructure and maintenance
  18. Common facilities and services
  19. Payment of charges, and contribution to the sinking fund
  20. Insurance
  21. Payment of outgoings
  22. Water, electricity, gas piping, telecommunication trunking
  23. Compliance with written laws
  24. New laws affecting housing development
  25. Time for delivery of vacant possession
  26. Developer to obtain the certificate of completion and compliance
  27. Manner of delivery of vacant possession
  28. Strata title not yet issued and transfer of title
  29. Completion of common facilities
  30. Defect liability period
  31. Common rights of Purchaser
  32. Service of documents
  33. Cost to be borne
  34. Assignment
  35. Preamble and Schedules
  36. Persons to be bound by Agreement
  • First Schedule: Copy of approved plans
  • Second Schedule: Common facilities and services
  • Third Schedule: Schedule of payment of purchase price
  • Fourth Schedule: Building description
  • Fifth Schedule: Form of charge statement
  • Sixth Schedule: Particulars


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