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Malaysian-based companies can now enjoy huge savings on our legal templates with our unlimited download plan.

In this plan:

  • You will receive 1-year access of unlimited FREE template downloads.
  • Your free download is limited to BurgieLaw Branded Content ONLY.
  • You will receive a discount code within 1 business day which will provide you with free downloads during checkout. Your discount code will expire after a 1-year period.

What is BurgieLaw Branded Content?

BurgieLaw branded content are templates which are produced by our company and promoted under the BurgieLaw Branded Content badge.

In the future, there will be templates on our store which are produced by other companies or other individuals and these templates are not included in this plan.

How do I identify BurgieLaw Branded Content?

Look for the BurgieLaw Branded Content badge in the product page.

Unlimited Download with Starter Plan
BurgieLaw Branded Content