Strata Management Case Update

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Table of Contents

  • Case Update 1: Can a developer/ JMB/ MC impose charges or seek a contribution to the maintenance account or sinking fund over and above the monthly maintenance charges? 
  • Case Update 2: Can a developer/ JMB/ MC apply for an extension of time to convene the annual general meeting? 
  • Case Update 3: Can we Pre-determined Service Charges and Sinking Fund
  • Case Update 4: Is assignment required for liquidator to collect maintenance charges? Does SMA have retrospective effect? 
  • Case Update 5: Can a JMB/ MC deactivate access cards? 
  • Case Update 6: Does a committee member of JMC / MC owes a fiduciary duty? 
  • Case Update 7: Can a JMB or MC compel the developer to supply information or documents?
  • Case Update 8: Can a JMB sue after the MC is established?
  • Case Update 9: How to deal with AirBnb parcels?


*** Updated on 18 October 2018 ***

  • Case Update 7, 8, 9
  • Case Update 4, 5, 6
  • Case Update 3 - updated content


Lai Chee Hoe (Chee Hoe & Associates)


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Date: 2018-10-18